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Pectacular Bench Press

Reps & Sets
This program is designed to increase your one rep max on a classic test of strength – the bench press. For experience lifters, this program uses pyramids and drop-sets at low rep-ranges to completely exhaust the pecs, triceps and front delts. Select weights for which you reach failure in the specified reps, and aim to steadily progress weights each week. Complete once or twice a week, and remember to work your back, biceps and legs on other days.

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Bench Press

18 x 60kg
Rest 03:00
28 x 65kg
Rest 03:00
38 x 70kg
Rest 03:00
48 x 75kg
Rest 03:00

Cable Crossover

16 x 35kg
24 x 30kg
32 x 25kg
Rest 01:30
46 x 35kg
54 x 30kg
62 x 25kg
Rest 01:30
76 x 35kg
84 x 30kg
92 x 25kg
Rest 01:30

Weighted Dips

110 x 20kg
Rest 01:00
210 x 20kg
Rest 01:00
310 x 20kg
Rest 01:00
410 x 20kg
Rest 01:00


18 x 40kg Close Grip Bench Press
215 Push-Up
Rest 02:00
38 x 40kg Close Grip Bench Press
415 Push-Up
Rest 02:00
58 x 40kg Close Grip Bench Press
615 Push-Up
Rest 02:00

Dumbbell Kickback

18 x 12kg
Rest 01:30
28 x 12kg
Rest 01:30
38 x 12kg