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Pyramid - Biceps & Triceps

SlimGuy Fitness
An intensive program to target opposing muscle groups whilst maintaining your anaerobic threshold. The suggested rest period is short enough to provide an efficient workout, however long enough to alleviate unwanted lactic acid.

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112 x 8kg Dumbbell Curl
212 x 7kg Dumbbell Kickback
REST 00:30
310 x 10kg Dumbbell Curl
410 x 8kg Dumbbell Kickback
REST 00:30
58 x 12kg Dumbbell Curl
68 x 9kg Dumbbell Kickback
REST 00:30
76 x 14kg Dumbbell Curl
86 x 10kg Dumbbell Kickback
REST 01:00
912 x 10kg Dumbbell Curl
1012 x 8kg Dumbbell Kickback


112 x 12.5kg Cable Biceps Curl
212 x 12.5kg Triceps Push-Down
REST 00:30
310 x 15kg Cable Biceps Curl
410 x 15kg Triceps Push-Down
REST 00:30
58 x 17.5kg Cable Biceps Curl
68 x 17.5kg Triceps Push-Down
REST 00:30
76 x 20kg Cable Biceps Curl
86 x 20kg Triceps Push-Down
REST 01:00
912 x 15kg Cable Biceps Curl
1012 x 15kg Triceps Push-Down