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Tabata Sprint

Graham Bower
This classic High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program takes just 4 minutes to complete, but thanks to the intensity of effort involved, you can get many oft he same fitness benefits as you would get from much longer steady cardio workouts sessions. The program is based upon the Tabata program, which involves eight bursts of 20 seconds intense exertion, with 10 second rest intervals in between. This workout is best done on a treadmill. Pick a speed for your intense bursts that feel around 80% of your maximum exertion. And slow the treadmill down to a walking pace for your rest intervals. Before you begin, we've included a two minute fast-walk warmup, plus give yourself time to cool down at the ned with another two minutes of fast walking.

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100:20 8.5 miles/h
REST 00:10
200:20 8.5 miles/h
REST 00:10
300:20 8.5 miles/h
REST 00:10
400:20 8.5 miles/h
REST 00:10
500:20 8.5 miles/h
REST 00:10
600:20 8.5 miles/h
REST 00:10
700:20 8.5 miles/h
REST 00:10
800:20 8.5 miles/h